Chain saw machine

The chain saw model CST 965 is a cutting chain mounted on the rear of a wheeled tractor cab, called Terna.

The machine is self powered and is autonomous both in handling and positioning. It can perform vertical cuts up to the maximum depth of 3.25 meters on marble, limestone and stone materials of similar hardness. The machine is ideal for squaring blocks and for the making series of front cuts.

Arms and chains are available for cutting up to 3.25 meters.
Our company offers the possibility to mount the following chains in order to optimize cutting performance on different materials:

  • chains 38/40/42 mm with 8 edges tools
  • 42 mm chain with 4 edges tools ;
  • 38/40/42 mm chain with PCD tools for hard stones


Arm rotation 90°
Vertical stroke 3000 mm
Orizontal stroke 2000 mm
Available lenghts of arm (Useful cut) da/from 2 m – a/to 3.25 m
Cut width 38-40-42 mm
Weight of cutting unit 3500 kg
Total weight, including tractor 10.000 kg
Grease tank capacity 7 kg
Grease capacity 0,3 – 1 kg
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 150 litri / litres
Diesel comsumption 7 – 10 l/h
Round per minutes of the chain rotation pinion 65 rpm
Round per minutes of the diesel engine 1400-1500 rpm
Rear gear movement maximum slope 21%

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