PP 691

Maquinas perforadoras


Pneumatic drillers with down-the-hole hammer designed to make the guiding holes for diamond wire.
Featured by high penetration speed, lightness and ease of use, they can drill holes vertical, horizontal and on any directions with 76 or 90 mm diameter.
It is possible to disassemble the drillers into different parts, for easier transportation and movement, especially in rough areas.

Ficha tècnica

Consumo total aire con martillo de fondo ajugero 3'' 8.000 Lt /min. a 7 bar
Diámetro del ùtil 90 mm
Diámetro del tubo 75 mm
Tubos de perforacion 1000 or 1500 mm
Velocidad de perforación 8-10 m/h en mármol


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