TCM 888 Plus

Aserradora de cadena


TCM 888 PLUS is a chain saw machine designed not only for the opening of underground quarries of marbles or similar materials but also and above all for the realization of vertical and horizontal cuts on any type of internal or external benches.

The cultivation of quarries is increasingly oriented to the use of machines that allow the optimization of production cycles and greater respect for environmental and safety issues and TCM 888 Plus is an excellent solution for all these aspects.

The machine is mounted on a crawler and can move easily and independently both inside the tunnel and in the quarry yard. When in movement, the machine is configured to reduce the footprint and it allows to overcome slopes up to 25%. All movements of the crawler and the positioning of the machine are made possible by a power unit with an endothermic engine mounted on the wagon itself.

To make the machine operational during the cutting phase, it is sufficient to connect it to a 400V/50hz power line by means of the plug on the machine. The machine functions are managed with a remote control and a "touch screen" operator panel.

Ficha tècnica

Potencia eléctrica 70 Kw
Peso máquina 52 ton
Velocidad rotación cadena 0-1.2 m/sec
Velocidad de avance del carro 0 – 1.2 km/hr
Inclinacion máxima 25%
Potencia power pack 75kw
Gasto gasoleo 15-20 l/hr
Capacidad tanque 70 l
Velocidad de traslacion del trabajo 0-15 cm/min
Rotación cabeza operadora 360°
Rotación brazo 90°
Capacidad tanque aceite hidráulico 290 l
Capacidad tanque grasa 30 kg
Compresor a bordo 50 l – 1.5 kW
Dimensiones máquina 6.00×6.00×4.70 m
Sección del túnel L= min 8 m – max 9.40 m H= 6.00 m or 5.50 m
Profundidad del corte 3m