TCM 888 Plus

Chain saws machines


The TCM 888 is a chain saw designed to open and develop underground mines of marble and of similar stone materials. Underground mining development is becoming a more and more common practice in many marble quarry operations. This method is often considered preferable to the open pit quarrying in terms of production optimization, efficiency, safety and environment preservation.

The machine is mounted on a crawler and it can move easily and autonomously inside the tunnel. The machine is configured as shown in the next figures to reduce the overall dimensions and to move over slopes up to 25%.

All the movements of the crawler and the positioning devices of the machine are made possible by an on-board “power pack” unit equipped with a diesel engine. During the cutting operation, the machine should be simply connected to the 400V/50Hz power line through cable and on-board plug. All the functions are controlled by means of a remote control board without cable and of a touch-screen panel.

Technical features

Total installed electric power 70 Kw
Weight of the machine 52 ton
Chain rotation speed 0-1.2 m/sec
Crawler speed 0 – 1.2 km/hr
Max slope allowed 25%
Power pack capacity 75kw
Diesel comsumption 15-20 l/hr
Tank capacity 70 l
Work travel speed 0-15 cm/min
Rotation operating head 360°
Arm rotation 90°
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 290 l
Grease tank capacity 30 kg
On-board air compressor 50 l – 1.5 kW
Machine dimensions 6.00×6.00×4.70 m
Tunnel section L= min 8 m – max 9.40 m H= 6.00 m or 5.50 m
Cut depth 3m