Assistance & support

For Benetti Macchine, assisting a customer means giving constant support for any need, from the repair to the verification of the performance of every single component of the machinery, at every stage of the after-sales experience.

Our primary objective is to provide assistance through the use of Telemetry, that is a computer technology that allows us to manage any problem remotely allowing the operator on site to operate directly on the machine through our telephone support.

When this is not enough to solve the problem and an on-site intervention is needed, we ensure prompt support from our specialized technical staff and our international sales network.

At Benetti Macchine, Assistance is divided into two main phases:

  • 1) Installation and Testing
    Installation, testing and commissioning of the purchased machines with in-depth consulting and training service to the operators in order to optimize the management and use of the machines themselves.
  • 2) Maintenance
    - Ordinary: the set of periodic actions to be carried out on the machines to ensure their performance and efficiency over time.
    - On request: for specific non-programmable actions due to faults or sudden malfunctions that can affect the performance of the machines themselves.

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