Technical office

Innovation and experience are the key factors of Benetti Macchine expertise.
All machine engineering, electrical and electronic, is developed within the Company, in the Technical Office in order to have complete control on the process.

A staff of engineers assures the development of new solutions for the machines, putting together the requests of the clients with internal technical developments. The suggestions coming from the market and the developments coming from the experience and knowledge of the sales and after sales management become reality.
New projects come from modern IT systems and software, like 3D CAD design to assure the maximum detail and accuracy.

The Technical office is where ideas become reality; know how is the first guarantee for quality and reliability for the machines made in Benetti Macchine.
The product is conceived internally with a highly advanced process: our skilled workers use state of the art milling machines and tools. High quality standards, safety and reduced time to market are one of our primary goals.

Benetti Macchine offers to its customer base highly professional resources, continuous quality control on incoming material and outgoing machines, and rigorous final check of each machine. All machines made in Benetti Macchine not only offer top quality standards but also safe operating conditions for the final users.