Benetti Macchine Spa founded in 1926 in Carrara, world center of the marble industry, has gradually grown in the production of machinery and accessories for marble, granite and stone industry, especially quarries.

The history of Benetti Macchine starts in 1926 in Carrara, already the most important area for extraction and processing of marble. The Company in its beginnings was a sales point for tools and accessories for the local white marble quarries. Until the first half of the century, Amos Benetti runs the Company, which is located in downtown Carrara, and then his son Enrico Benetti, since a few years working with the father, begins to work on the newly conceived wire machines.

During the ‘70s, the activity of Benetti Macchine is concentrated in the development of wire machines for the quarries and the internationalization process starts.

The fact that the Company is located in Carrara is a strategic strength factors for Benetti Macchine: the exchange of experience and knowledge with the Carrara marble quarries, the oldest and largest in the world, represents an exceptional value for a machine manufacturer in this industry.

From supplier of tolls and accessories for the quarry world, Benetti Macchine in the ‘70s starts to develop and manufacture wire machines and in the ‘90s increase the machine offer with a number of chain saw and belt machines that represent a revolution in productivity and safety in the quarries.

During the ‘80s, Bendiam is founded: a company that manufactures wires, belts and tools to supply our clients also with accessories for our machines wherever in the world. The family has always been the engine of the Company: Aldo Benetti supports his brother Enrico, then Enrico’s son, Federico, and the nephew Maurizio Martinelli start working in the Company in those years.

In the same period, Benetti Macchine builds a very strong sales network (agents, representatives and distributors) which quickly becomes one of the strength point of the Company. In virtually every country of the world with marble, granite and stone quarries there is an agent of Benetti Macchine. This makes it easy to assist and support the After Sales activity, key factor for such sophisticated machinery.

In 1996, a great party salutes the 70th anniversary of the Company, during the International Marble and Machines Fair in Carrara. All national and international agents and some clients of Benetti Macchine participate to this important event.

In the last 20 years, the Company grows even more, especially in the chain saw machine business, investing important resources in the Technical Office and in the renovation of the manufacturing plants. The sales network is improved and reinforced every year in order to cover in the best possible way the over 50 countries where Benetti Macchine machines are sold.

Currently Benetti Macchine is managed by the third generation of the Benetti family: Federico Benetti together with his brother-in-law Giorgio Bianchini. The Company keeps investing in innovation, human resources and in the development of machines more and more high tech, performing, sustainable and that operate in high safety conditions.