Production areas

The production plant of Benetti Macchine is located in two large sheds in Nazzano, Carrara.
The larger shed hosts the working areas for the machines: receiving, carpentry, wire machines manufacturing, painting, electrical XXX, gang saw and chain saw machines, tunnel machines, stationary machines and moving chain saw machine, assembly area, milling machine, warehouse and finally packing and shipping.
Bendiam Division and part of the inventory of Benetti Macchine is located in the second shed. The offices are located in the office building on Via Provinciale Nazzano, Carrara, right by the two sheds.

Our production includes the full range of machines and tools for marble, granite and stone quarries. We use numeric control machines with a high level of quality and performance. The management is carrying on important investments in machineries and human resources: numeric control milling machines have been bought in the latest years.

The final assembly phase of every machine is supervised internally by a team of qualified workers and at the end of the final test process, verifying the compliance to the technical characteristics of each machine.

" The process is continuously performed and monitored by means of updated tools and by highly qualified personnel, who has developed over the years a strong sense of belonging to Benetti Macchine S.p.A."