TCM 988 Plus

Chain saws machines


The chain saw model tcm 988 plus is designed for the opening and the development of underground mines of marble and of other similar stone.

The cutting size capacity of the machine is 6,20 m in width, 5,50 m in height, and 3,00 m in depth.
Main features of the machine: All hydraulic components are mounted onboard, so that the hydraulic hoses do not lie on the ground All vertical and horizontal cuts of each advancement operation can be made in a single positioning of the machine Fully automatic control system of the arm position for perfectly squared cuts Self moving and positioning for short distances by means of motorized wheels and hydraulic cylinders.
Special forklift eyelets for easy and quick handling and transport of the machine by means of a wheel loader or other heavy duty mobile equipment
The TCM 988 can make all the vertical and the horizontal cuts of one tunnel advancement or widening operation with one single positioning.
All components of the drive unit, controlling all the movements are installed inside the main frame of the machine: the electric power control board; the hydraulic central unit; the chain rotation and transmission pump, the cooling system, and all other components of the hydraulic driving system.
The operating head is mounted on a trolley, running on a horizontal beam through eight guiding wheels and eight contrast runners. The transmission is via rack-and- pinion system.
The TCM 988 can make all the vertical and horizontal cuts of one tunnel advancement or widening operation with one single positioning. This is made possible by means of a motorised center plate, allowing the head and the arm, to rotate 360° in any direction. The locking of the center plate is automatically made by means of a hydraulic system. A hydraulic cylinder is mounted on the operating head, so that little adjustments of the cut direction can be made without moving the machine.
The securing of each column on the roof is via a hydraulic cylinder. The grease pumping unit and grease reservoir are mounted at the base of the column on the right side of the machine.
The portal of the machine has two eyelets.
These eyelets are designed for forklifting by means of a wheel loader or another type of heavy duty mobile equipment. This way, the machine can be easily and quickly transported even along rough terrains, which normally require much more precaution and slow movements in any other machine of this type.
The machine simply runs by means of 400V – 50Hz electric power supply through one electric cable and one 125 A plug. The total installed power of the machine is 65 kW. The machine is equipped with two remote control boards with cables for the positioning functions and with one portable board with touch screen for the control of all cut functions. Upon request the machine can be equipped with a remote control board without cable, in addiction the two remote control boards with cable.
Special software has been designed to make all automatic movements of the machine, including all the arm movements, horizontal travel of the operating head, and vertical movements of the portal along two columns, so the machine can make all the cuts in automatic mode.

Technical features

Total installed electric power 60 kW
Weight of the machine 22.000 Kg
Chain rotation speed 0 – 1,2 m/sec
Travel speed 0 – 10 cm/min
Maximum useful cut depth 3 m
Available lenghts of arm (Useful cut) 3 m
Rotation operating head 360°
Arm rotation 360°
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 300 L
Grease tank capacity 25 Kg
Grease capacity with 7/9 plungers up to 1,5 Kg/h
Useful cut (gallery) L:6,2m – H:5,5m
Machine dimensions L:5,6m – H:5m – D:3,5m
Positioning speed on wheels max 1,3 m/min