TCM 988 Advanced

Chain saws machines


The chain saw machine model TCM 988 Advanced has been designed for the opening, development and extension of underground quarries of marble and similar stones. It can make an opening of 6.2 m wide, 5.5 m high and 3 m deep.

The main features of the machine are:
1) All hydraulic parts are on the machine thanks to the presence of a single hydraulic unit and a main pump.
2) All vertical and horizontal cuts can be made with a single machine repositioning and with the blade position control in automatic mode.
3) Machine movements are independent thanks to the presence of wheels and two forks to be inserted in the two dedicated pockets so that to be transported also by mechanical shovel.

Inside the sturdy horizontal beam of the fixed structure are housed the necessary components for all the operations of the machine: the power switchboard, the hydraulic unit, the motor pump unit for the chain rotation transmission, the heat exchanger and all other components related to the hydraulic circuit. The operating head, which allows a 360º rotation of the blade, is mounted on a trolley that slides on a horizontal beam by means of eight guide wheels and eight contrast pads.

To make the machine working it is sufficient to connect by means of a 125 A socket a 400 Volt 50 Hz power line about 65 kW to be inserted into the special plug on board the machine. The machine is equipped with two push buttons for movements related to positioning, a small mobile panel type touch-screen for cutting functions and a wireless control to handle the machine remotely safely.

Technical features

Total installed electric power 75 kW
Weight of the machine 23.100 Kg
Chain rotation speed 0 – 1,2 m/sec
Travel speed 0 – 10 cm/min
Maximum useful cut depth 3 m
Available lenghts of arm (Useful cut) 3 m
Rotation operating head 360°
Arm rotation 360°
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 300 L
Grease tank capacity 25 Kg
Grease capacity with 7/9 plungers up to 1,5 Kg/h
Useful cut (gallery) L:6,2m – H:5,5m
Machine dimensions L:5,6m – H:5m – D:3,5m
Positioning speed on wheels max 1,3 m/min