VIP 916

Diamond wire machines


Built with high quality components, the vip 916 is robust and reliable diamond wire saw. It can perform cuts of very large surfaces in any type of stone: marble, limestone, granite and sandstone. The VIP916 is equipped with the following options of main electric motor: 37 kW (50 hp), 45 kW (60hp), 55 kW (75 hp) and 75 kW (100 hp). The start can be either via a star/triangle system or via inverter. The inverter allows to vary and to adjust the diamond wire speed from 0 to 40 m/sec. The VIP 916, with only one positioning operation, allows to make two parallel cuts with spacing of 1.75 m or 2 m.

The VIP 916 is equipped with a hydraulic unit controlling both the rotation and the lateral movement of the head. The head rotation is via robust center plate and a hydraulic motor.
The lateral head movement is via two chrome plating supporting stems and one hydraulic cylinder. The VIP 916 travel movement on the rails is by means of a pinion / rack system. There are two available different options of travel system: the first, called “TC”, consists of a central hung rack fixed on the rails. The second one, called “TI”, features two side racks, carved on the track bars. Both systems can be supplied with automatic travel speed control either via D.C. motor and electronic card, or via asynchronous motor controlled by inverter.
The VIP 916 power board is installed inside the machine. If provided, the inverter, equipped with a special ventilation system, is mounted inside the frame case, hence well protected against dust and moisture. The machine is equipped with a portable, compact and a waterproof control panel, for all the controls and adjustments during the cut.
The double-inverter version, one for the main motor and one for the travel movement on the rails, is equipped with PLC. This version comes with a portable control panel either electromechanical or touch-screen. The version with touch-screen and related software allows to interface with the operator, with automatic storage and processing of all the data related to cuts, which are essential for an accurate management of the cutting operation. A remote panel without cable, controlling all the positioning and operational functions of the machine, can be supplied as an option.

Technical features

VIP 916

Main electric motor power 37kW-45kW-55kW
Starter Star delta
Wire tension Automatic controlled by supercard
Diameter drive wheel mm 800 – 1000 mm
Lateral movement of cutting head 1,75 or 2,00 m
Flywheel rotation 360°
Linear wire speed 40 m /sec
Length of rails 2-3 m

Machine with inverter

Main electric motor power 37kW-45kW-55kW-75kW
Starter Inverter
Linear wire speed 0-40 m/sec