CSM 968

Chain saws machines


The chain saw model csm 968 can make vertical cuts up to a maximum depth of 7,30 meters and horizontal cuts up to 4,50 meters in marble, limestone and similar stones. Are available arms and chains for usefull cut from 3,25 to 7,30 meters.
Our company gives the customer the possibility to fit the following chains on the machine in order to optimise the cutting performance in conformity with the material to be cut:
chain 38/40/42 mm with 8 cutting edges widia;
chain 42 mm with 4 cutting edges widia;
chain 38/40/42 mm with polycrystalline diamond inserts for cutting hard stones.

The movement of the arm, the chain and the trolley are controlled by means of close circuit hydraulic transmissions with variable capacity pumps which allow the continuous regulation of the rotation speed of the chain, the arm and the trolley. The tensioning of the chain is fast and easy by means of a hydraulic cylinder mounted on the arm holder.
The machine is equipped control panel with PLC and software to allow the perfect entering of the arm into the automatic mode.
The controls of the machine relevant to the positioning and work are via electro valves installed on the hydraulic unit and by means of 2 remote button control boards.

Technical features

Total installed electric power 65 KW
Chain rotation speed 0 – 1 m/sec.
Travel speed 0 – 13 cm/min.
Maximum useful cut depth 7,30 m
Available lenghts of arm (Useful cut) from 3,25 to 7,30 m
Cut width 38-40-42 mm
Arm rotation 360°
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 300 L
Grease tank capacity 30 kg
Grease capacity with 9/11 plungers up to 2 Kg/h