FAST 736

Stationary machines


Special machine designed for cutting marble/stone slabs and block trimming.
The innovative cutting tool consists of a diamond belt that runs on a guiding blade. The friction is reduced by means of a water film. The belt is driven by two pulleys of 1700 mm diameter and is powered by a 45kW electric motor. The machine is equipped with vectorial inverter allowing to vary the diamond belt speed according to the type of stone. The tensioning of the belt is controlled by an automatic hydraulic system. The same hydraulic system controls the down feed and guarantees very precise cutting, optimizing the tool’s life and performance. A PLC on the control panel guarantees the complete control of all movement and cutting operations. It allows automatic, preset and continuous cutting to be made. The rotating block trolley with a platform of 3,00 x 2,20 m, can load up to 40 tons.

Technical features

FAST 736

Diameter drive wheel 1,7 m
Main 3-phase electric motor for the diamond belt rotation 45 kW inverter
Electric motor for the hydraulic downfeed unit 4 kW
Electric motor for the block trolley movement 1 kW
Electric motor for the block trolley rotation 0,75 kW
Hydraulic piston for the downfeed 125/90 2.200 mm stroke
Hydraulic piston for the diamond belt tensioning 60/30 250 mm stroke
Covers for the two pulleys in stainless steel
Control board and portable button board with cable
Total installed power 58 kW

Useful cut dimensions

Max. block width 3,5 m
Max. block height 2 m


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