Chain saws machines


CST 966 NEXT GEN (chain saw wheel loader) is composed of a benetti macchine cutting system mounted on a wheel loader.

The machine is self-contained, quickly moving and positioning in front of the block or to the bench to be cut.

There is no need to prepare an area reserved to the squaring of the blocks in the quarry, as the machine can easily and quickly reach the blocks to be cut.

It can work in dry conditions, without using any water to cool the cutting tools.

The operator can use a wireless control for all the functions of the machine, which can be used either inside the heated/air-conditioned control cabin or outside the machine.

Technical features

Mounted on CAT 432 F2
Arm rotation 90°
Vertical stroke 3 m
Horizontal stroke 2 m
Available lenghts of arm (Useful cut) from 2 m – to 3.5 m
Cut width 28-38 mm
Grease tank capacity 8 kg
Grease capacity 0,3 – 0,8 kg/h
Diesel comsumption 7 – 10 l/h
Round per minutes of the chain rotation pinion (max) 65 rpm
Round per minutes of the diesel engine 1600-1700 rpm
Rear gear movement maximum slope 21%